Monday, May 05, 2008

"Other wordly Beings"? (1)

Except for stories of “space aliens” among us, I never thought much about “other worldly beings” among us. However in conversations with various New Age folks, I learned of “walk-ins” and “star people”. “Walk-ins” are people who have another being take over their body. “Star people” are folks who are aliens reborn in human bodies. Later, I encountered people who told me about the “Other Kin”, folks who are animals, dragons, and fairies reborn in human bodies.

All these concepts are difficult for me to comprehend, since I take mental illness seriously. I regard these stories as a way to explain away serious mental issues. To me, it is easier to be an “other worldly being”, than to admit that perhaps one’s brain is disordered. I often thought that this was a convenient explanation for not taking responsibility for one’s actions.

Living in the city, I have not encountered any “other worldly beings”. It may be that cities are not conducive to these beings. Or it could be that the mentally-ill people I meet are maladjusted “other worldly beings”. For me, it is hard to tell the difference between someone with a malfunctioning brain, and someone trying to adjust to a new life on Earth.

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