Friday, May 30, 2008

"Wild Earth" Animal Essences

Each animal offers support in aiding you on your life’s path. For example, Beaver, the Master Architect, assists you in building your life. Meanwhile, Snake offers deep transformation of your wounded psyche.

For help in accessing the power of the animals, I suggest “Wild Earth Animal Essences” created by Daniel Mapel of New Hope Virginia. These essences are a direct means of receiving that help. For children, “Wild Child Essences” helps them feel safe and protected. Adults with childhood issues also benefit from these essences as well. For example, Elephant Calf provides emotional protection and warmth for those who need a sense of family.

Like flower essences and gem elixirs, these are vibrational remedies for people to use in healing. Each animal essence carries the energy of that animal. (None of these essences are made from animal parts, nor is any animal harmed.) Use in a bath and feel the energy of the animal come alive in you. Or if you rather, take a few drops in a drink of water.

I am offering them at $US 10 a bottle. Ask for them when you see Animal Teachers for a consultation or vending at a fair! I will be vending at KarmaFest, June 7 and 8 2008, which is held at the Harford County (MD) 4-H Camp at The Rocks. Their website is

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