Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Stingray Teachings

Stingrays are beautiful and graceful swimmers, with a distinctive sleek tail, that has sharp spines on it. Stingrays propel Themselves through water with their powerful pectoral fins, which ripple and flap like Birds' wings. Their 'stingers' which stings like Scorpion's tail, defend Them from predators.

Stingrays regularly return to cleaning stations where Reef Fish live. The Reef Fish eat the parasites off the Stingrays' skin. They get a meal, the Stingrays, a bath and massage.

Stingray demostrates the positive aspects of friendship. But, remember that friendship is more than mutual assistance.

Stingray's Teachings Includes:

"Stingray Dreaming asks that we always take time to get to know people before forming superficial opinions of them."
Copyright: "Animal Dreaming", Scott Alexander King.

Stingray's Wisdom Includes:
Moving Through Life with Ease

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