Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Other Worldly Beings: Incarnate Angels

Whenever I thought about angels on earth, I pictured them as tall, blond, thin people. To me, Angels were serious people who came to deliver messages and teach lessons. Of course, they would have a glow about them. I often thought that if I met one, they would be an austere college professor.

After finding out what Incarnate Angels are really like, I realized that my notions needed a bit of refinement. Because life on earth is so different, many Incarnate Angels have addiction problems. They are the ones “who love too much”, and therefore have problems with imbalances in their relationships. The healthier Angels learned how to remove toxic elements from themselves and others.

Incarnate Angels are more than messengers: they are healers, as well. Angels are active in human lives as nurturers and healers. They are reckless in their love as they try to heal the rifts between people and within people.

Pondering Incarnate Angels in my life, I see one person who exemplifies this Magickal Being. My son’s social worker counsels at-risk teens at the local high school. Even on her vacation, she checks in with the teenagers, in her care, to ensure that they are alright. The teens respond to her care by trusting her with their darkest secrets. Because she loves them so much, each teenager would give her roses when they graduated.

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