Thursday, May 01, 2008

White Stag and Hind

This is from the Celtic point of view.

The Celts regarded Hind to be a fairy creature who could pass between worlds. Upon seeing White Hind, the seeker would be guided safely into the forest towards the gates of the Otherworld and beyond. Hind were “fairy cattle.” They were guides for people when life seemed chaotic and illusionary.

In many stories, Stag signified a great change in a person’s life. White Stag initiated a series of challenges for a person to overcome. For later Christians, Stag came to represent Christ leading souls through the darkness. In both traditions, Stag is the one who guided the person through changes.

Stag’s Teachings Also Include:

“Venerated by many peoples in the past and today, Stag is a creature who is generously willing to share its life with people.” Copyright: “Through the Unremembered Gate”, Tira Brandon Evans.

“The White Stag is infact one representation of our own soul with the hunt, proving to be a vital lesson in self-discovery.” Copyright: “Animal Messengers”, Scott Alexander King.

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