Saturday, January 22, 2011


            The most fearsome of Crocodiles is the Australian Saltwater Crocodile who lives in the brackish estuaries and coastal regions from the Indian to the Pacific Oceans.  Since He can tolerate saltwater, this Crocodile can swim for miles from the mainland to small islands in the ocean.  (A few of these Crocodiles were found with Barnacles living on their hides.)
            As a top predator, “Saltie” can detect the slightest movement in the water.  He does this by the  sensory pores on the scales of his lower jaw.  Hiding the water with only his nose showing, Australian Saltwater Crocodile quietly lurks waiting for his prey.  A Fruit Bat alighting on the water for a drink becomes a tasty meal. 
            This opportunistic predator will cooperate with other Crocodiles to hunt his prey.  With skill and intelligence, “Saltie” patrols his territory.  He knows when various animals will be feeding or drinking.  No one is safe from Him, since He attacks and kills about a thousand people a year.
The lesson Australian Saltwater Crocodile teaches is listen to your fears.  Respect them and heed what they tell you, especially when they warn you of a lurking crocodile.  Your fears can keep you alive and safe.  Just do not become imprisoned by them.

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