Saturday, January 29, 2011

SPECTACLED CAIMAN: Be Comfortable with Your Own Company

Found throughout Central and South America, Spectacled Caiman receives his name from the bony ridges about his eyes.  These ridges resemble a pair of glasses.  Named in Spanish for “alligator”, “Caimans” are relatives of Alligators.  In fact, the baby “Alligators” often sold to tourists are Spectacled Caimans.
            Since He is so adaptable, Spectacled Caiman is the most wildly distributed member of the Alligator Family.  Although He prefers living near ponds and lakes, Spectacled Caiman will live near streams and rivers when necessary.  During dry times, this surprising unaggressive Reptile will even tolerate other Caimans in his territory.
            Although baby Spectacled Caimans are sold as pets, They do not make good ones.  Like so many other Crocodilians, They grow quickly to be a large size (about 6 feet (1.8 meters)). Although not as boisterous as the others, Spectacled Caimans can be aggressive towards people.
            Unlike the more social Crocodilians, Spectacled Caiman usually spends his life alone.  However during mating season, He will seek out a mate.  After meeting Female Spectacled Caiman, He will swim with Her.  Later, They will touch snouts and rub each other’s backs.  Then, the two will engage in mutual bubble blowing.  After mating, Spectacled Caiman will stay to help with their young.
            Spectacled Caiman teaches how to be comfortable with yourself.  After achieving that, you can live by yourself and yet be a good companion to others.  Spectacled Caiman will tolerate strangers but prefers to be by Himself.  He does not need to be a hermit or a party reptile.  Spectacled Caiman can choose what He wishes to be since He is at ease with Himself.
Caimans are more agile than Alligators.  In addition, they have longer and sharper teeth.

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