Monday, January 17, 2011

NILE CROCODILE: Primal Strength

            The Crocodile Family consists of fourteen species, some of which are the largest Reptiles in the world.  Unlike Alligators, Crocodiles have salt glands, and can swim in salt water.  In fact, these aquatic Reptiles hunt Sharks.
NILE CROCODILE:  Primal Strength
One of the most well known of Crocodiles is the Nile Crocodile of Africa, who is a fearsome predator of animals and people.  A rapid and agile hunter, She preys on animals coming to the river to drink – Lions, Buffaloes, Gazelles.  She grabs the animal with her strong jaws and teeth, drags the prey underwater until the animal drowns.  As the apex predator, Nile Crocodile is unpredictable in and out of her natural hunting range.
Like American Alligators, Nile Crocodiles are excellent parents.  The Mother-to-be is very choosy in placing her nest – close enough to the Nile River that She can keep watch but far away from floods.  Mother Crocodile remains close to the young until they reach adulthood.  Even during periods of drought, She will not leave her young.  Meanwhile, Father Crocodile watches their nest while She goes into the water to cool off.
Ancient Egyptians saw Nile Crocodile as their fearsome God Sobek. An aggressive God, Sobek represented the power of the Pharaoh.  However, He was also their God of fertility and protection.
A link to the deep past, Nile Crocodile is respected and feared.  As Sobek, Nile Crocodile is a part of the primal strength of nature.  One aspect of this is as a mother, She fearlessly protects her children.  Another aspect is Nile Crocodile as the apex predator, hunting anything that suits her.

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