Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sacredness of Writing: Petition Magic (3)

Hoodoo places importance on the type of ink, pen, and paper used as well as how the writing is configured on the page, and also the shape of the paper.  For many spells, brown paper made from grocery bags is used.  For healings or blessings, square sheets are best.  People’s names and commands of intent are written on the page.  Then the petition is placed in “mojo hands” (a root bag).
For writing, quills are preferred.  The colour of the quill is important – white for blessing, green for money, red for love, and black for revenge.  Inks used are made from dragon’s blood resin.  Various formulae of inks made from this resin are Dragon’s Blood, Dove’s Blood, and Bat’s Blood.  The most powerful of the inks is Dragon’s Blood.  Bat’s Blood ink is used for cursing, and Dove’s Blood for love.
Eclectic Neo-Pagans usually do the following.  First, they set up their sacred space by clearing it with sage, and setting out lighted candles.  After centering themselves, the petitioner ponders their request.  Then they write the petition on plain unlined paper in the horizontal (landscape) position.  (Unlined paper extends an open invitation to release their personal magic.  The horizontal position frees the spell, since it runs counter to the ordinary vertical position.)  When they are done, the petitioner thanks the powers that be.  After burning the petition, they either bury the ashes or consign them to be carried by the breeze to the Universe.
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