Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Norse Wolves of Lore

Animal                      Name                                          Lore
Dire Wolf                Fenrir                                       Loki’s Offspring
Dire Wolf                Hati Hrodvitnisson              Destroyer of Sun   
Dire Wolf                Hrodvitnir                              Father of Hati                 
Dire Wolf                Managarm (Moon–Dog) Destroyer of Moon         
Dire Wolf                Skoll                                        Swallows the Sun  
Grey Wolf              Freki (Greed)                       Odin’s Wolves      
Grey Wolf              Geri (Greed)                  Odin’s Wolves                          
Grey Wolf              Ulfhednar                             Wolf Beserkers    
Hound                    Garmr                                   Guardian of Hel
Dire Wolf is the ancestor of today's modern wolves.  

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