Sunday, March 18, 2012

Divination in Nature: Trees

My friends were interested in having me do divination for them.  They asked a variety of questions, and even asked follow up questions for further clarification. However, my friends were not invested in the outcome of the divination, but did think that my answers were accurate.  

The divination system that I used to answer my friends’ questions was cartomancy.  The oracle cards that I used were “Voice of the Trees” by Mickie Mueller (Llewellyn: Woodbury (MN), 2011).  Basing her system on the Irish Ogham, the author presented on each of the cards, her interpretation of the meaning of that particular Ogham letter.  Every card depicts a tree, shows an action scene, and also lists the divinatory meaning.

W.C. asked, “Will I get married?”  For the answer, I drew “Quert (Apple)” which means “Choice, Healing”.  The card showed a priestess holding two apples to choose from, which confused my friend. I then reshuffled the deck, and pulled out “Ailim (Silver Fir or Elm)”, which has the meaning of “Delight, Awe”.  

 Again this seemed to be a strange answer.  Then we examined the card, which displayed a fir and an elm tree.  The author explained that both trees were associated with Ailim.  In addition, two girls who were holding hands at the top of a mountain were depicted looking at the village below.  I told him that he would have a choice between two women, when he does decide to marry.  W.C. seemed satisfied with the answer.

D.C. asked if his sports team would have a winning season this year, since they have had several poor seasons already.  After shuffling, I drew “Straif (Blackthorn)”, which read “Adversity, Sacrifice.”  The card depicted a man being stabbed by a blackthorn thorn as he walked along the hedges.  I told my friend that his team would lose more games than they would win.  He seemed resigned to this news.

S.T. asked, “Will I continue as a social worker?”  The card, I pulled, was “Tinne (Holly)” which means “Challenge, Justice”.  Instead of an Irish warrior, the card depicted a Saxon, an enemy of the Irish.  I told him that he would have difficulty remaining in his present occupation.

Since S.T. wanted more information, I reshuffled the deck and took out “Phagos (Beech)”, which read, “Experience, Opportunity”.  The picture on the card was of an elderly druid instructing his young apprentice on the finer points of writing.  When I told my friend that he was going to be a druid, he seemed pleased.

A.Y. asked if a controversial pipeline would be built.  For the answer, I drew “Luis (Rowan)”, which means “Protection, Defense.”  The illustration depicted a man holding a rowan staff protected by an invisible dragon.  I interpreted this to mean that pipeline will not be built.  A.Y. said she hoped that reading was correct.

This deck can be found at the author's website: "Voice of the Trees"

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