Wednesday, March 07, 2012

ENTELODONT (“TERROR PIG”): How to Deal with Bullies

Called the “Pig from Hell”, Entelodont was more than a carnivorous Pig, He was also a top predator during the Eocene epoch (40 million years ago) and the Oligocene epoch (25 million years ago).  One of the biggest meat-eaters on the earth, Entelodont was also mean and ugly.  Besides bumpy growths all over his face, He had also sharp, piercing canine teeth.
            Also known as the “Terror Pig”, Entelodont fought with other Entelodonts over everything.  Many fossil skulls of Entelodont were found with holes in them caused by various fights with others.  Entelodont fought by jamming his rival’s head into his mouth and biting down hard.  Although Entelodont possessed bone-crushing jaws, He and his rivals did survive their combats, to fight again, at another time.
            Entelodont may have resembled a Hog on steroids, but He was more closely related to Hippos and Whales.  Besides eating meat, He scavenged and ate plants too.  Furthermore, Entelodont stored his uneaten food for later use.  Because Entelodont was an opportunistic hunter, He was clever as well as fearsome. 
            Entelodont was a prehistoric bully.  Big and mean, He terrorized whomever He could, including his fellow Entelodonts.  However other Entelodonts could stand up to Him and live to tell about it.  Their secret was to have a thick head.  Like anyone dealing with bullies, you also need to be hard-headed.  Stand up to Entelodont, and do not let Him crush you.  Use your head, and realize that although He may be terrifying, you can defeat Entelodont.

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