Monday, March 26, 2012

Tarot and Dragons: The Dragon Tarot by Donaldson and Pracownik (1 of 2)

 The Dragon Tarot” (Terry Donaldson and Peter Pracownik, U.S. Games: Stamford (CT), 1996.)

After reviewing the cards of the “The Dragon Tarot”, two of the cards - The Fool (0) of the Major Arcana and the Ace of Wands of Minor Arcana - drew me to them. Normally when I review a Tarot deck, I usually pick The Fool (0) and the 10 of Swords, since they deal with beginnings and endings. With these particular cards, I can usually tell the author’s intent for their deck. However in the case of “The Dragon Tarot”, The Fool (0) and Ace of Wands seem to have spoken to me on an elemental level.

In “The Dragon Tarot”, I see The Fool (0) and the Ace of Wands as bookends. They both feature dragons who are accomplished in what they do – the Fool is the gambler who plays the odds, while the Ace of Wands is a careful thinker who tests everything first. I seem them as the id and ego respectively.  The Fool, who is interested in people, and the Ace of Wands, who is interested in ideas join together to be the ying and yang of life.

I realized that I have a personal interest in these two cards. They represent my two lives – before and after my traumatic brain injury. Prior to my injury, I was the dragon of the Ace of Wands. In my lab surrounded by my books, papers, and test tubes, I explored the magickal world of nature and science. The dragon of The Fool (0) is the present me, who leaves life up to chance, and goes with the flow.

Moreover, I see in the dragon who represents the Fool, a lively, funny, and compassionate guide ready for anything. Armed with his jester wand and dice, this dragon is both guide and gatekeeper for me. The bubbles behind him and the Uranus sigil at the bottom inform me that this dragon is also knowledgeable, original, and eccentric, much like myself. I feel comfortable going on a journey with this dragon.  Donaldson writes, “I am the Fool, here to mark your entry into Dragonland….Come on, tell me a joke, and let’s hear some real wisdom.” Since the divinatory meaning of this card is “a new chapter in your life”, I feel that this Fool can lead me to the Ace of Wands.

The divinatory meaning for the Ace of Wands is “a new enterprise”. Although I cannot be that particular dragon again, I can become a new version of him in my life. The Big Dipper on his wall will guide me to the true North of myself. I see this dragon as a guide for the new direction of my life.  For example in my therapy, I test each new activity and work to include it into my new brain.

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