Saturday, March 03, 2012


First found in a cave in Florida in the 1960s, Titanis walleri became known for being the only “Terror Bird” to leave South America and head north.  Since Titanis walleri was the size of a person, She hunted Lizards, Snakes, Rodents, and small Birds in North America.  As the last of the “Terror Birds” of South America, Titanis walleri became an apex predator of Southeastern United States.
            Titanis walleri was a remarkable Bird, an able predator who hunted alongside Mammals, and thrived.  Many believe that She was one of the first Animals to take part in this Interchange between North and South America.  By living in North America from five mya to two mya, She also demonstrated the complexities of the Great American Faunal Interchange.  Titanis walleri was believed to go north before the land bridge was fully formed between the two continents.  She island-hopped and swam, activities unexpected in such a Bird. 
            Titanis walleri was an explorer, who left her familiar home and went to unknown regions.  She thrived in areas ruled by Mammals, on her own terms.  She can help us leave our familiar but unhappy situations to seek more for ourselves.  Titanis walleri can show you way out, and prod you on with her sharp massive beak.  Let Her give you the courage to dare to explore.

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