Thursday, July 25, 2013

GIANT ! BRAZILIAN OTTER: Having A Good Family Life

The largest of Otters, Giant Otter is at the top of the Brazilian Rainforest food chain. She swims in tight circles to create a whirlpool that sucks up Fish from the Amazon Riverbed. Giant Otter prefers Catfish which hide on bottoms of streams and lakes. When She is tired of eating Fish, Giant Otter hunts Snakes and Crocodiles. For a hearty meal, She kills either a Cayman or an Anaconda.

Besides Giant Otter’s great size (longer than a tall person), She is also distinguished by her boldly blotched throat and flattened tail. Because of Giant Otter’s distinctive characteristics that seem un-Otter-like, such as her size and tail, some people question whether Giant Otter is an Otter. However, Giant Otter has several distinctive Otter characteristics. For example, She likes to play and swim.

Giant Otter leads a small family of Otters called a holt. In her holt, She plays with her Husband and Pups. They socialize together, talking with each other by barks, twitters, chuckles, and other sounds. When Mother and Father Giant Otter go hunting, Older Brother and Sister Giant Otter baby-sit the Little Ones. Later, the whole Family rests together and groom each other.

Giant Otter demonstrates having a good family life. Like all good families, her family enjoys each other’s company. Study Giant Otter’s example to have a family life that you would want to come home to.

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