Wednesday, July 24, 2013

SEA OTTER: Second Chances

When people think “otter”, they imagine Sea Otter with her cute face, floating on her back, holding a clam. The most aquatic of Otters, Sea Otter spends most of her life at sea. Since She likes to be in the water near the shore, Sea Otter prefers living along coasts instead of the open ocean. During rough weather, Sea Otter will seek shelter in a rocky cove.

Unlike other Otters, Sea Otter catches Fish in her clawed forefeet. Other times, She dives to the sea bottom, snatches a tasty Clam, and returns to the surface. Swimming on her back, Sea Otter uses a rock and bangs open the Clam on her chest.

From time to time, Mother Sea Otter will gather with other Mothers and their Pups. While her Pup is playing with the other Pups, Mother Sea Otter grooms Herself to keep her fur clean. As her Pup has fun with his Playmates, Mother Sea Otter rests with her Friends.

Sea Otter’s history with people is a sad one. Russians and Americans hunted Her to near extinction for her fur. What saved Sea Otter were other, more thoughtful people. When the hunters thought that there were no more Sea Otters, other people knew where Sea Otters were hiding and kept the place secret. After laws were enacted to save Sea otter, her numbers slowly recovered.

Sea Otter once trusted people before they hunted Her. After about a hundred years, Sea Otter is willing to trust again. As people are working to give Sea Otter a second chance to thrive, so She is giving people a second chance.
Sea Otter on land

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