Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Mother River Otter builds her den (holt) along the shore of a wooded stream. In her holt, She gives birth and watches her Pups for about six months, alone. Then Father Otter rejoins Her and helps with their Pups.

Mother and Father River Otter teach ingenuity to their Children. Mother River Otter punches holes into Beaver's dams and when the water recedes, wades in and feasts on the trapped Fish and Frogs.

Father River Otter teaches the Pups how to launch a submarine attack on a sleeping Duck. The entire River Otter Family spends a lot of time playing, sliding down muddy hills or diving for pebbles. Play helps their Pups to learn to hunt and live an independent life.

River Otter teaches the value of play. Through play, She learns how to swim and hunt. River Otter chases her Friends in the water and dives for rocks with Them. River Otter repeatedly slides down a muddy riverbank to learn how to travel in snow.

Play serves to teach as well as to have fun. Let River Otter teach you how to play well.

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