Monday, July 15, 2013

Otter Family: Living a Well-Rounded Life

Most people think that Otters live only in the sea or along rivers in Europe or North America. However, Otters live everywhere – in the tropics of South America and Africa, near Siberia, and in Asia. The only place that Otters do not live is Australia.

Wherever Otters live, They are known for their energy. They chase each other underwater, slide down muddy hills, and dive for pebbles. When They are not playing, Otters travel long distances looking for food or for a mate. The only time an Otter is still is when Sea Otter is asleep in the ocean or when River Otter suns Herself.

Otters are well suited for life in the water. With their long bodies and webbed feet, Otters easily paddle with their hind legs. While They are swimming, Otters move their powerful tails. Quite the acrobats, Otters turn somersaults in water.

Strangely enough, Otters are not born knowing how to swim. Mother Otter teachers her Pups how to survive in the water. At first, She plays water games with Them. When the young Pups are ready, She pushes Them into the water. While They try to swim, Mother Otter stands ready to rescue her floundering Pups. After much trial and error, They learn to swim.

Otters are curious about the world around them and like to explore. But what They like best is to play. Sea Otter will use a beer can to entice a small Octopus to come near. River Otter opens a house door and go inside to look around.

Otters live a well-rounded life, playing and working. They have boundless energy to do everything but Otters stop from time to time and sleep in the sun. Learn living well from Otters.

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