Monday, July 08, 2013


Fondly called “Butt Head” by paleontologists, Pachycephalosaurus became well-known for his domed head. Moreover, his thick skull was ringed with spikes and knobs. Using the skull fossils that they had discovered, paleontologists constructed a Dinosaur resembling a bald, scaly senior citizen. Because the only fossil found of Pachycephalosaurus is his thick skull, scientists can only guess at what his life was like. Some of their ideas about his lifestyle are based on more complete fossils of related Dinosaurs, such as Dracorex and Stygimoloch.
            This thick skull of Pachycephalosaurus (about 10 inches (25 cm)) prompted scientists to think that He rammed everyone with his head. However with further study, they realized that his skull was constructed from spongy materials, not hard bone. Furthermore, paleontologists discovered that Pachycephalosaurus did not have the strong neck muscles needed to absorb a head-on impact. Therefore, instead of attacking a menacing Tyrannosaurus rex, this plant eater would run away on his two legs. Upon further reflection, paleontologists now think that Pachycephalosaurus probably rammed into the side of another Dinosaur. Perhaps, He did this during mating or while defending Himself.
In other research, some Dinosaurs in the Pachycephalosaurus Family such as Dracorex and Stygimoloch are now thought to be younger Pachycephalosaurus, instead of a separate species. Scientists now theorize that young Pachycephalosaurus had a flat skull ringed by knobs. As He grew, his skull reformed into formed a dome.
            What can be learned from Pachycephalosaurus is that sometimes it is not advisable to attack problems head on. This dinosaur from the late Cretaceous continues to teach us problem solving skills. He prompted to scientists to re-examine why He had a domed head. In the process of studying Pachycephalosaurus, They began to understand how other related Dinosaurs fit in his life. Solve problems with a variety of approaches counsels Pachycephalosaurus, who did things sideways and subtly.

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