Sunday, July 11, 2010

KITE SUB-FAMILY: Lightness of Being

Flying effortlessly in the skies, Kites amaze people with their grace and style. One of the most graceful Birds, Kites soar in the wind, stabilizing their flight with their tails. These long-winged Raptors feed on Earthworms, Insects, and small Mammals, swooping down and surprising them. “Kite” is a derivative of the old English word “cyta”. This word in turn comes from “skut” which means “to shoot or go swiftly”. This is in reference to Kites’ habit of swooping on their prey.

Unlike many other Raptors, Kites often live where people are. Red Kite was once so abundant in London that Shakespeare wrote, “When the kite builds, look to your lesser linen.” Red Kite has a habit of stealing people’s clothes for her nesting materials. Meanwhile, Black Kite raids garbage areas while dodging overhead cables in various cities. During nesting season, Mississippi Kites will often choose golf courses to raise their Chicks. And, many an unwary golfer have been attacked by the protective Parents.

The graceful buoyant flight of Kites has earned Them the respect and awe of many people. Mississippi Kite astounds people further when She catches Dragonflies while on the wing. Because Kites can soar in the air for hours on end, the toy “kite” was named for These Birds.

Kites teach the value of the lightness of being. Buoyantly, They fly effortlessly through the skies. Become lighthearted, shed your burdens and fly unencumbered. Like a toy kite, you too can float on the wind. Just remember to anchor yourself to the ground, so you do not float away.

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