Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tarot Reading for Others (2)

Beyond these issues, there are things peculiar to the Tarot. What do you do when “bad cards” come up? Death (XIII), The Devil (XV), The Tower (XVI), and the Ten of Swords are frightening cards. They “reek” of death and destruction. However, an experienced reader will know how to present these cards to the querent in a helpful manner.

Many Tarot readers will often downplay these cards. Most will explain that they represent transitions and not actual death and destruction. What a Tarot reader should do instead is to invite input from the querent. Including the querent in the reading process is vital, and further empowers them in choosing what to do next.

In my own experience, I now have more readings with these particular cards showing up. Because of my brain injury, they reflect my current state of affairs. However, before the wall fell on me, none of these cards came up in a reading. Therefore my interpretation of the Tarot spread would be based on current happenings in the querent’s life.

Furthermore, by inviting the querent to participate in the Tarot reading enables them to become empowered. What I may consider important, they may not and vice-versa. For example, one card that I find personally distressing is the Five of Cups. To me, it symbolizes the loss of hope. The querent’s nightmare cards may not be the standard ones. Therefore, they will need to be consulted by the Tarot reader during their reading.

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