Tuesday, July 20, 2010

TOCO TOUCAN: The Otherworlds

The popular pet, Toco Toucan is easily one of the more recognizable Birds in the world. His bold black and white plumage combined with his large bill makes Him a striking sight. Often used in advertisements, Toco Toucan sets people to immediately think of the Tropics, where He lives.

Toco Toucan is unlike other Toucans in several ways. For one thing, He eats small Lizards and Snakes along with the usual fruit. Also, Toco Toucan lives in wood savannahs, and other open areas, instead of just the rainforests. In fact, people will often see Him in sugar and coconut plantations.

Because of his chanting call, Toco Toucan sounds like a shaman summoning human beings to the Otherworlds. Because of his differences from other Toucans, to some indigenous people regard Him to be sacred. They say He can connect this world of the living with that of the spirits. Toco Toucan is their sacred Bird on whose back the Shamans ride. Let Him carry you to the world of the Spirits. Just remember to come back to the living.

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