Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tarot Rreading for Others (3)

Since in a reading, I am an open channel for the Universe, I must be careful to always tell the truth. However, I need to present the messages that I receive from the Tarot in a positive, uplifting manner. I would of course give lucid reasons as to why I interpreted each card the way I did.

I see Tarot readings as a map for the querent to use. There is the known path that the cards represent. However, there is the unknown that the querent may wish to explore with the guidance of the cards. The querent can chose which areas that they want to explore further. The Tarot cards act as guideposts on the querent’s journey, empowering them with their life choices.

Since my brain injury, I feel self-conscious in reading for other people. There are gaps in my memories, and I often use Tarot cards “with training wheels”. With a good reference, I can read, but my impulse control is bad, so I would often blurt out things without thinking. At this time, I do not feel confident in doing readings for others.
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