Friday, July 23, 2010


Unlike other Birds of Prey, Secretary Birds kicks her prey unconscious with her stout feet and stubby toes. Instead of swopping down and grabbing her prey, She treks in the African veldt looking for food. Spying a Lizard or small Mammal, Secretary Bird stamps her feet to flush Them out. After knocking her prey out, She eats the unfortunate Animals.

Famous for killing Snakes, Secretary Bird runs a zigzag pattern after Adder. As She runs, She flaps her wings, confusing the Snake. When He strikes at Her, Secretary Bird easily moves out of the way using her long legs. With her scaly feet, She strikes Snake hard behind his head, thereby fracturing his spine. Since She is so good at killing Snakes, farmers in some areas have “domesticated” Secretary Bird to keep their farms clear of these Reptiles.

Because of her distinctive differences from the other Birds of Prey, scientists have placed Secretary Bird in her own group – the Sagittariidae. Unlike the other Raptors, She has long stork-like legs, and a long stiff tail. Resembling Crane or Stork, Secretary Bird is the only Bird of Prey who walks long distances instead of flying. In fact, some scientists think that She represents an older branch of Raptors.

A fanciful story claims that her name is from her long plumes on her head, that resemble quill pens. The Arabs called Secretary Bird “saqr et tair” which means “hunter bird”. This was pronounced in French as “secretaire” which sounds in English as “secretary”.

Secretary Bird is highly regarded by many Africans. She appears on the Coat of Arms of South Africa and the Presidential Seal of Sudan. As the national emblem of Sudan, Secretary Bird represents vigilance and military might.

Let Secretary Bird inspires you to defend what is rightfully yours. She walks the veldt in search of deadly Snakes. Brutally blunt in her hunting methods, Secretary Bird gets her prey. Walk with Her and feel your own power.

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