Monday, July 12, 2010

Tarot Reading for Others (1)

Tarot readings for others can be rewarding. First, you are using your gifts of divination. Second, you are helping people with their problems. Third, you are acting as a conduit for the Universe and its messages for others.

However as Spider-Man often says, “With power comes responsibility”. Therefore, basic guidelines are to be heeded when you do Tarot readings for people. Since you have a gift and knowledge of the Tarot, you need to take care with your readings, and not read in a flippant careless manner.

Be mindful that in some regions, Tarot reading is in violation of local witchcraft laws. Where Tarot readings are allowed, readings for minors are discouraged. Children and teens often regard the Tarot as a party game, instead of as a divination tool. So a careful Tarot reader will read only for adults.

For adults, a wise ethical reader will keep the reading confidential. However, if any one tells the reader that they intend to do harm, then it is incumbent on the reader to report this. The ethical reader also does not read for a third party without their permission.

When reading for others, it is important to explain that the Tarot is neither magical nor are you all-knowing. You can offer your insights to the querent, but you are not a licensed professional. As an ethical reader, you should encourage the querent to seek expert help when needed. Another pitfall to avoid is having the querent too dependent on you. Your main objective in your reading is to give the querent ample information to make their choices.

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