Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Soul Protectors (tarot spread)

“The Soul Protectors” spread from the “Celtic Wisdom Tarot” is one that appeals to me. I like it because it is easy to use and is intuitive as well. I use it for daily readings, and to practice with. For me, it offers detailed information on what sort of day that I may have.

This spread is laid out like a “Celtic medicine wheel”. According to the author, “east” is what has happened, and “west” is what will happen. “Left” denotes what will challenge you, while “right” shows what will support you. “Below” is what empowers you and “above” what inspires you. The spread is called “Soul Protectors” since it links people with their allies in the Otherworlds – Gods, ancestors, and nature spirits.
3          7        4
Left Within Right
Card. 1: “What opens the way for me today?” What is in store for me?
Card. 2: “What motivates me?” What spurs me into action?
Card. 3: “What challenges me?” What is going to hinder me?
Card. 4: “What supports me?” Who is helping me?
Card. 5: “What empowers me?” What will help me in achieving the outcome?
Card. 6: “What inspires me?” What do I look forward to?
Card. 7: “What accompanies my soul today?” Who is My higher power today?
Matthews, Caitlin, “The Celtic Wisdom Tarot”, Destiny Books, Rochester, VT, 1999.

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