Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tarot Spreads and me

The Tarot Spread that I enjoy doing the most is the “Diamond Spread”, a five card spread. For me, it is constructed with the right amount of cards – enough to answer a question without overwhelming the reader. The questions of the spread flow into each other ending with the resolution. For me, I found it excellent for problem solving and general reading.

The spread I disliked the most is the “Celtic Cross”. I have always regarded this spread to be pretentious and redundant. I find that the layout itself is pretentious by being in the shape of a Celtic cross. This goes beyond many other simpler and intuitive spread shapes. Also the information is repetitive with the ten cards. For me, the essential questions are covered in the first four cards, and the outcome card. I think that people use it since it offers a great deal of detailed information on a particular topic.

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